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Semantic, AI driven approach to Information Governance. 

Our C3 Information Governance Suite allows semantically-driven metadata to be applied consistently across unstructured and structured data.  Intuitively simple for end users yet powerful for information managers, C3 can organize, comply and monitor all corporate information.  

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Minimize User Disruption with 35+ Integrations

C3 integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office Suite and many Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) such as SharePoint, ECM Documentum, Open Text Content Suite and many other ECMS that support the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS).

C3 can be easily integrated with any custom in-house content creation system through its Web Services and connector framework.

Cogniva Officially Launches C3 5.0!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like you to know we are fully operational at Cogniva. Our staff and clients are extremely important to us and the Cogniva team is working remotely from home as a measure of social distancing precautions.


Cogniva is helping organizations weather this crisis ensuring that they are one step ahead of the new reality for telework and information compliance when this situation subsides.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary online consultation of our product.

C3 IG Suite has a patented, semantic approach to metadata: it is the foundation of our integrated, automated approach to Information Governance.   


  • All the organization's content is classified with semantic metadata. 

  • Controlled vocabulary, semantic networks, ontologies and knowledge maps.

  • A semantic infrastructure, common to all repositories. Multilingual capability.  


  • Compliance rules and policies applied systematically to all content.

  • Automatically apply retention and disposition, security & privacy rules. 

  • Achieve consistent regulatory compliance. 


  • Information governance monitoring dashboard.

  • Monitor the application of compliance rules through C3 or other concepts defined through metadata.

  • Ability to know the state of information holdings at any time.   

Start using Cogniva's C3 IG Suite today.

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